• Arizona Brown Spiders

    Arizona Brown Spiders

    Arizona Brown Spiders So I’m sure everyone has heard of the Brown Recluse or Arizona Brown Spiders. If you look at maps Recluse live in a bell curve from Texas straight up through almost […]

  • Nasty Restaurants

    Nasty Restaurants

    Nasty Restaurants Nasty Restaurants and how do you tell how bad it might be? I usually run into the bathrooms, if it is nasty, generally speaking I’m out. If they can’t keep their bathrooms […]

  • Rodent Control

    Rodent Control

    Rodent Control   Rant Alert – Rodent Control – Rant Alert. If you have rodents, seen rodents or seen evidence from rodents, they will not go away on their on. If someone gets rid […]

  • Lizards


    Lizards These lizards are can often be found at South Mountain doing pushups on the boulders and the lizard in the picture is a Chuckwalla. They range in size up to 16 inches, and […]

  • Spiders


    Spiders Wolf spiders are one of the fastest spiders, at least from my point of view. These arachnids have excellent eyesight and hunt down their prey. They don’t build webs and hunt alone. I […]