So what’s on your mind?

So what’s on your mind?

So I was thinking the other day that we should discuss a few Arizona Department of Agriculture – Office of Pest Management terms:

“Pest” means a vertebrate or invertebrate insect, bird, mammal, organism, or a weed or plant pathogen that is in an undesirable location. I bet you really didn’t think a weed was a pest, did you? I’m sure we have called a few people we might know – “a pest”? I’m equally convinced that all politicians are pests, the necessary evil.

“Pesticide,” as defined in A.R.S. ยง 32-2301, includes an insecticide, fungicide, rodenticide, termiticide, fumigant, larvacide, adulticide, herbicide, avicide, or molluscicide.

So just a few terms to get you thinking what pest control or pest management is all about.


  1. Bryan

    Is there anything on the market with an MSDS label for dealing with politicians? They keep invading my home especially via the mailbox and during my favorite tv shows.

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